UHT Milk Full Fat 3% - 1000 ml

Brand : Sütaş
Price : AED 12.43  + VAT

Long Life Milk, As Natural As the First Day

Sütaş offers Sütaş UHT Milk, which can be safely consumed by the whole family to its consumers with its first day's naturalness and taste. Sütaş UHT Milk is very convenient in terms of storage and usage due to its long shelf life, and it is also rich with essential nutrients. You can use Sütaş UHT Milk safely anytime, anywhere.

The UHT (Ultra High Temperature) method used in the production of long life milk is a production method that involves keeping the milk at high temperatures between 135-150°C for a very short duration (about 2-4 seconds), and ends with automatic, untouched packaging. The temperature and duration of the UHT process kills all the microorganisms in the milk, yet does not damage the nutrient content values of milk.

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