TEA + FLEX & CHILL Herbal Tea with Chamomile Teabag 10 Sachet - 20 gr

Brand : TeaCo
Price : AED 29.58  + VAT
A classic TEA+FLEX&CHILL to relax and unwind. This box is your new friend before bed. With its caffeine-free and relaxing effect, chamomile has always been with us on the shelves of homes for years. With its 21st century interpretation, the miracle that makes you feel like you are dozing off with your favorite TV series is now with you. Are you stressed out at the office or at home, then a glass of relaxation is waiting for you!
Content/Ingredient: Papatya (Matricaria recutita) / Chamomile
With our muslin tea bags, your favorite tea is practically ready. Moreover, we packed it for you using completely natural materials, without heavy metal-containing tea bags!
Net Weight: 10 muslin tea bags x 2gr = 20 gr
Keep in a dry and cool place in its package with its mouth closed.
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