Organic Chickpeas - 500 gr

Sade Organic Products Inc. is a company directed by professionals and aimed at institutionalization. It takes its power from the love of "nature" and "human" of its founding partners and employees.
In the SADE ORGANIK Family, the founders, members of the board of directors and employees who adopt these values ​​strive to achieve common goals. 

What makes SADE different and privileged from other companies; It is the spirit of unity that cannot be resolved with these uncompromised values. 

SADE ORGANIK Family aspect: We strive to be the leader of quality in our country's organic sector by ensuring customer satisfaction under all conditions. The target we have chosen is to offer the best product to people not only in Turkey but also all over the world, with our understanding of excellent service; is to carry our brand to future generations.

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