OOPS I MANGO AGAIN Black Tea Blend with Mango Teabag 12 Sachet - 24 gr

Brand : TeaCo
Price : AED 29.58  + VAT

OOPS I MANGO AGAIN winks at you as you leave yourself from the hot sands to the cool waters. We have achieved a wonderful harmony with the combination of sweet mango notes and characteristic black tea. You should definitely add this energy-boosting tropical flavor to your morning routine. The combination of bodied black tea with fresh mango flavor will prepare you for the new day! This tropical flavor will accompany both morning and evening pleasure. Whether you want to consume it hot with a slice of lemon, or brew it and pour it over the ice, make the hot summer days enjoyable. Thanks to our muslin tea bags, your favorite tea is practically ready. Moreover, we packed it for you using completely natural materials, without heavy metal-containing tea bags!

Ingredients: Black Tea, Mango Cubes, Sunflower Leaves

Net Weight: 15 muslin tea bags x 2gr = 30 gr

Store in a dry and cool place with its mouth closed in its package.

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