Lemon Scented Drawstring Large Trash Bag 10 Pieces

Brand : Parex
Price : AED 10.59  + VAT



  • Parex scented trash bags put an end to bad smells and give off sweet lemon smell when taken out of package.
  • A cleaner world is in your hands thanks to 100% biosoluble Parex Trash Bags.
  • Parex Trash Bags do not disrupt ecological balance.
  • It is of high quality and helps keeping the environment clean.
  • It prevents growth of microbes, flies and insects and does not leak trashes since they are kept in a trash bad with its mouth tied.
  • Cleaning trashcans is no longer needed.
  • It is a new generation product and practical and easy to carry thanks to its shirred mouth.
  • Medium size trash bag is ideal for medium size trashcans in your homes.
  • The package contains 10 bags.

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