Kaf Kefir - 250 ml

Brand : Sütaş
Price : AED 8.86  + VAT


Yeast gathered from mothely kefir grains obtained from Caucasus Mountains and freshest milk from Sutas Farm meet in Kaf Kefir.

Kaf Kefir contains at least 106 probiotic bacterias. Probiotic bacterias helps to regulate digestive system and support immunity.

Kaf Kefir meets %16 of daily recommended B12 vitamin intake and contributes to vitality and energy increase.


Energy and Nutritional Information

100 ml

Energy value (kcal/kj) 47 / 198
Protein (g) 2,7
Carbohydrates (g) 3,0
Fat (g) 2,7
Saturated Fat (g) (g) 1,7
Saturated Fat (g) (g) 1,7
Sugars (g) *) (g) 3,0
Salt (g) (g) 0,1
B12 (mg) (g) 0,4
Ingredients: Pasteurized cow milk, probiotic culture (B.lactis), kefir culture.




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