Home Made Lemonade - 1 lt

Price : AED 32.90  + VAT
Vat included : AED 34.55

Farillia Home Made Frozen Lemonade ( Ev Yapımı Donuk Limonata ) - 1 lt

Farillia is a leading and pioneering brand in juice industry specializing on 100% Freshly Squeezed and Snap-Frozen Fruit Juices as well as Homemade Traditional Recipes. 

The freshiest hand-picked lemons becomes the Phenomenal Homemade Lemonade at our skilled chef 's hands.

Heavenly balanced sweetness and sourness of this product served with its brilliant colour, thanks to the prefect amount of orange skins used in the recipe. Extremely smooth drinking experience without having to hurt your throat by the acidity coming from the citrus fruits.