Squeezed Sourcherry Juice, Natural - 1 lt

Price : AED 24.18  + VAT
Vat included : AED 25.39

Farillia Freshly Squeezed Frozen Sourcherry Juice ( Taze Sıkılmış Donuk Vişne Suyu ) - 1 lt

This item is frozen, and must be defrosted before consumption.

Farillia is a leading and pioneering brand in juice industry specializing on 100% Freshly Squeezed and Snap-Frozen Fruit Juices as well as Homemade Traditional Recipes. 

Traditional Homemade Recipe

100% Natural Freshly Squeezed Fruits

Not from Concentrates (NFC) and Not Pasteurized

NO artificial additives, colourings, flavours or preservatives

Contains only fresh Cold-Pressed Sour Cherry Juice, water and natural sugar

Flash Frozen to keep its freshness and taste