Laban ''Ayran'' Practical Bottle - 1000 ml

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Sütaş Laban "Ayran" Practical Bottle - 1000 ml 


Sütaş Ayran, is the most preffered ayran in Turkey.

Sütaş Ayran replenishes the minerals that our body loses in summer and provides a natural refreshment. Could you find such a unique consistency and pleasent taste in other ayran?

For you to fully enjoy ayran with your beloved ones we offer Sütaş Ayran in 1 lt, 1,5 lt and 2 lt bottles!


Energy and Nutritional Information

100 ml

Energy (kcal/kj) 32 / 135
Fat (g) 1,8
Saturated Fat (g) 1,2
Carbohydrates (g) 2,0
Sugars (g) * 2,0
Protein (g) 2,0
Salt (g) 0,6
Calsium (mg) 80

IngredientsYogurt, water, salt.
One glass (250 ml) accounts for 25% of the recommended daily calcium intake.

* This product contains natural milk sugar. It doesn’t contain additional sugar.